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Saturday/Sunday February 28th/March 1st:


Fingers crossed, it seems like (at last!) we’ll have a completely sunny weekend ahead. While some people here are looking forward to having one more skiing session, does anyone fancy spending Saturday and/or Sunday on the Azure coast?

The idea is to head to the far west of Liguria and do something similar to what we did two years ago: pay a visit to Menton and have a walk along the old Roman path known as “via Julia Augusta”. Menton (i.e. the first French town after the borders) is a medieval town that is famous for its gardens and, most of all, for the Citrus Festival, that is taking place right now. Legend has it that, after Adam and Eve were thrown out of Paradise, Eve took a lemon with her. Adam, who feared that God may get even angrier, told her to throw the lemon away. And so she did, while they were walking along the Côte d’Azur… and, as a consequence, orchards of lemon trees sprouted in Menton. The plan is then to visit the lemon&orange festival on Sunday.

You may read more about the lemon festival on:

As for Saturday, I would suggest treading the old roman way, between Ventimiglia and Mentone, and visit the Hanbury Gardens (a botanical wonder that lies exactly at mid way between the Italian and the French town). That would also allow us to get around the big problem that we faced two years ago: the legendary queue at the ticket counter of Ventimiglia, for getting the ticket to Mentone.

As for Sunday, we’ll spend the whole day in France: since we’ll have plenty of time (much more than the lemon festival requires), we could walk along the coastal trail or try hitting “Le Turbie” on the “Grand Corniche”: it’s a lookout point on a panoramic path that was built following the line of the Via Julia Augusta, which boasts a colonnade that supposedly marks the frontier between ancient Rome and Gaul

If you come from Genova, you can either decide to come on a day trip or stay overnight. In the latter case, the best bargains are probably:


We slept in Esperia two years ago and had a good stay and breakfast. As for Hotel Corso, it is even cheaper and has a higher rating (but it’s a bit more distant from the train station).

For those who would like to come on a day trip, we could meet at the entrance of Ventimiglia station, either at 2:10pm on Saturday (there’s a bus to the Hanbury Gardens at 2:30pm) or at 10:37am on Sunday (which is when R 10102 arrives). If you come on Saturday, remember that there’s the “Special 2×1″ offer by Trenitalia.. so try to find a travel buddy!

For those who are coming from Milano, I’ll catch
1) Milano Centrale 09:10 – San Remo 12:54 on Saturday
2) 19:15 San Remo – 22:50 Milano Centrale on Sunday

Last but not least, remember the ID card/passport! And if you have
questions/doubts/Hamlet-like dilemmas, my number is +39 329 7203364

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Hi and welcome to Liguriah!

We’re a Genoa-based hiking group that often gathers on weekends to hike somewhere in between Ventimiglia/Finale Ligure (on the western side of Liguria) and Cinque Terre/Lerici (on the eastern side).

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Saturday, January 10th, 2015:


“New year, new life!”, they say. Following the famous motto, shall we kick off 2015 with a brand new hike, too, in an uncharted Ligurian land?

The town of Borzonasca is known as the gateway to the Aveto park, a remote region that also goes by the name of “Ligurian Switzerland”. As this would be our first time there, I suggest doing the most accessible (and perhaps also most mysterious?) hike: the Borzone loop. The 3,5 hour hike crosses an ancient romanic-gothic abbey, as well as an abandoned castle that has been engulfed by the vegetation, and yet is said to be an outstanding lookout point.

Highlight of the trail is the so called “face of Christ”, a 7 metre tall / 4 metre wide monolith on which a human face has been carved. No one has yet been able to determine its origin!

The trail features 300 metres of elevation gain and is, surprisingly, rated as “T” (easy). However, I would take the rating with a pinch of salt, since the description seems to imply that the trail to the castle might be a bit steep.

How to get to Borzonasca and how to come back alive:

Let’s meet at 11:10 am at the entrance of Chiavari station.

From there, we’ll take the 11:35 bus to Borzonasca. As it would be better to start hiking right away, please bring food with you! (of course, you may also get it in Chiavari, if you arrive early)

For coming back, I suggest catching the 5:49pm bus from Borzonasca. Alternatively, there’s also the 6:30pm bus

For more details about the bus, please refer to:

As for Chiavari, recommended trains are:

* if you travel eastwards
REG 24535 – Genova Piazza Principe 10:04 (Genova Brignole 10:13) Chiavari 11:09

* if you travel westwards:
REG 2296 – La Spezia Centrale 09:50 – Chiavari 10:42

* if you travel southwards:
IC 1533 Milano Centrale 08:10 – Chiavari 10:34 (**)

Return will be from Chiavari station, around 6:30pm.


(**) For those who are catching IC trains:

If you have a travel buddy, you should buy the “2×1″ special ticket before midnight (11:59pm) of Friday. It’s basically a buy 1 and get 1 free offer. The only catch of the offer: if you buy this special ticket online, watch out that Trenitalia requires you to specify names of both passengers. If your travel buddy betrays you, I believe the fine is half the price you paid + 8 euros. Inspectors rarely check for ID, but they may get suspicious, if the ticket says “Alice and Bob” and there are 2 guys or 2 girls.

Alternatively, if you buy the “2×1″ ticket” at a “Fast Ticket” machine, you won’t need to punch in any names.

As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (at +39 329 7203364)