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Saturday, 16th June 2018


While waiting for the Montallegro festival (2 weeks from now), the weather forecast predicts for the upcoming weekend plenty of sunshine and the first heat waves: shall we have a hike&swim in the snorkeling paradise of Framura?

The idea is to hike along a loop, from Framura to Montaretto and back. Meeting point will be at 11am, at the train station of Framura: from there we’ll do some beach hopping, walking along the beaches of Torsei and Arena (via the seafront promenade) before crossing the atmospheric hamlet of Anzo. This will allow us to visit one of 5 hamlets that made Framura one of the most beautiful villages in Italy (see and )

From the medieval genovese watchtower, the hike will begin, as we’ll follow the green-azure coastal trail until we reach the historical village of Montaretto. Incidentally, the gattafin festival is taking place this weekend. As usual, it’s a mystery whether we’ll actually be able to taste the gattafin (i.e the herb-filled fried ravioli, that can only be found in the Levanto region), since we’ll arrive before the party begins. Nevertheless, the place is always worth a stop… and maybe we can try to convince the organizers to make some for us!

The way back to Framura will be along trail 660. As we never tried it, it’s hard to anticipate anything except that it’s supposedly easy and leads straight to the Framura lava-stone beach of Porto Pidocchio.

Total hiking time is approx 3 hours, vertical gain is around 300 metres. You may read more about it on (in Italian) (in English) (trail 660)

By 3:30pm we’ll likely be in Framura, where we can either swim in the snorkeling paradise of Porto Pidocchio or have a swim&beer at the beach of Torsei, just below the train station.

In case we fail to get gattafin in Montaretto, I believe there’s also the S.Erasmo festival in Santa Margherita Ligure (it was supposed to be last week, but I see now that it got postponed). Should we be hungry, we can stop there, on the way back home: I believe they’ll offer to everyone the so called fisherman biscuit (a sort of tasty bruschetta, with tomato and anchovy) at 6-7pm.


How to get to Framura, and how to come back alive:

On Saturday, 16th June, let’s meet at Framura train station at 11:00 am.

Recommended trains are:

* if you travel eastwards

Reg 33875 + 24459: 09:22 Genova Piazza Principe (09:31 Genova Brignole) 11:00 Framura


* if you travel westwards

REG 24452: La Spezia Centrale 10:15 Framura 10:53


* if you travel southwards:

Reg 33875 + 24459: 07:25 Milano Centrale ( 07:32 Milano Lambrate 07:38 Milano Rogoredo) 11:00 Framura


Return will be from Framura station, around 5-6pm.


For those who are catching IC trains:
(***) there’s the Special 2×1 offer, provided you buy the ticket before 23:59 of Thursday

(**) If you’re younger than 30, you should be eligible to have a 30% discount, if you catch the IC train and registered to the (free) Cartafreccia program. In case you haven’t registered yet, send me a message and I can send you an invitation (of course, you can also register on your own… but an invitation would grant us both a 10 euro voucher ūüôā )
In order to get the discount, remember to buy the ticket before 23:59 of Thursday

As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (for example, at +39 329 7203364)


Hiking to S.Fortunato festival, via Semaforo Nuovo/Rocca del Falco

A record-breaking hiking group of 53 ventured across Parco di Portofino and went on to conquer the lookout points of Semaforo Nuovo and the recently opened Rock of the Hawks (speaking of which, if you can spot Leticia on the group picture, you’re definitely hawk-eyed!). The 11km trail wasn’t the most direct way to get from S.Margherita to Camogli, but allowed us to walk close to the coast; among many returners there was Michaela, who flew all the way from the Netherlands to land on the Rock of the Hawks; the two sculptures featured Iron-Man and the Bank of Uncle Scrooge being plundered; for the 2nd consecutive hike, we had a meal in a restaurant (dinner this time); the final show started super-late, but we did manage to both see the fireworks and get warmed by the bonfires

Hiking to Camogli, along the coast and via the Rock of the Hawks

An 18km loop trail, from Torriglia to the Pentema Xmas crib

It took us more than just a stroll to reach Pentema: we hiked 18km in order to complete the Torriglia loop with Pentema detour, it’s no wonder that the Genovese regard the little town as a remote place, that’s almost at the edge of the world. But then,it was all worth it! and, despite what the Genovese may say, we were happy to go to… Pentema (and discover its gigantic Xmas crib)

As for the hike: we met some snow and had some slips, but in general coped well with the turned-to-white trail; once in Pentema, we took plenty of time to drink mulled wine and explore all houses of the village: they were open for visitors, as they showed scenes from everyday life at the end of the XIX century (some actually were slightly creepy, we easily dismissed the idea of spending the night there!); the 2nd part of the Torriglia loop offered some incredible 360 degree views over hills, snow capped mountains and the sea; and, from the Donetta hills, we could also make out the village of Pentema, which looked like a toy village.

Going to Pentema took some effort, but we were rewarded by a picturesque town

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Hi and welcome to Liguriah!

We’re a Genoa-based hiking group that often gathers on weekends to hike somewhere in between Ventimiglia/Finale Ligure (on the western side of Liguria) and Cinque Terre/Lerici (on the eastern side).

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Sunday, 27th May 2018

S.Margherita Ligure

Is anyone up for a short but (slightly) demanding hike? Since 4 years have passed, since the last (and only) time we hiked to Cala degli Inglesi, I would return there this Sunday… and, with the water being around 20 degrees, possibly have a short swim?

The idea is to hike from bay to bay: we’ll start from the emerald bay of Paraggi (which we’ll probably reach via bus, although walking is also possible) and head up to the Vessinaro pond, before descending to Cala degli Inglesi, a secluded bay that lies somewhere between Portofino and S.Fruttuoso and hides some secrets (according to the guide, a Canadian ship sank here some 50 years ago, in its waters there’s not just fish but sometimes even dolphins). One word of warning: the way down is labelled as “EE” (i.e. for “expert excursionists”). As far as I remember, it’s not so dangerous or exposed: the first half is even considered as easy/medium, but extra care needs to be taken in the last part of the trail (which is secured with chains and rather steep, you can get an idea from the photos on ).

You may read more about the hike on (scary English warning!):
(we would start from Paraggi)
(the way back, it’s half of the trail indicated on the map)

Overall, the whole hiking loop takes around 3 hours, has 400 mt of vertical gain and is rated as T/E (easy/medium) and EE (hard, along the trail to Cala degli Inglesi)

Return will be from S.Margherita Ligure. We’ll probably arrive there around 5pm. So, in case you’re interested in some focaccia (the focaccia festival is taking place in nearby Recco, till 6:30pm), you’ll likely still be in time for it!


How to get to S.Margherita Ligure, and how to come back alive:

On Sunday, May 27th, let’s meet at 11:02 am at the entrance of S.Margherita Ligure/Portofino railway station (by the infamous taxi telephone).

Suggested trains are

if you travel eastwards

REG 33871: 10:27 Genova Piazza Principe ( 10:35 Genova Brignole ) 11:02 S.Margherita Ligure-Portofino

– if you travel westwards

REG 11368 – 09:50 La Spezia Centrale – 10:45 S.Margherita Ligure-Portofino

– if you travel southwards:

REG 33871 – 8:17 Milano Greco Pirelli (08:26 Milano Lambrate) (08:44 Milano Rogoredo) 11:02 S.Margherita Ligure-Portofino


IC 35033: 8:10 Milano Centrale – 10:14 S.Margherita Ligure-Portofino (*)

Return will be from S.Margherita station

(*) For those who are catching IC trains:

If you have 1 or more travel buddies, you can buy the “Insieme” special ticket before midnight (11:59pm) of Saturday (if I’m not mistaken). It’s a “get 30% off if you’re at least 2 people” offer. In order to get the discount, remember to buy the ticket one day in advance.

If you’re younger than 30 or older than 60, you can again get 30% off, provided you registered to the (free) Cartafreccia program. In case you haven’t registered yet, send me a message and I can send you an invitation (of course, you can also register on your own… but an invitation would grant us both a 10 euro voucher. In order to get the discount, remember to buy the ticket one day in advance.


As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (for example, at +39 329 7203364)

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Saturday, 12th May 2018


Hello everyone! Once again, it’s that time of the year when Camogli celebrates St.Fortunato, by offering a sizzling show on Saturday and fried fish on Sunday. Since the visually entertaining bits are all on Saturday, shall we have a hike in the area in the late morning/afternoon, then spend the evening in Camogli? For those who are yet uninitiated, the Saturday program features two big statues, made of wooden junk, that are brought to the shore and burnt at the stake. There will be a procession, with people carrying the ark of S.Fortunato across town… and plenty of fireworks (otherwise it wouldn’t be a Ligurian festival!).

As for the hike, I would pick the 2G trail from Recco to Rapallo. I read that they’re having free guided tours of Valle Christi: we could then end the hike in S.Maria del Campo, so as to visit the monastery ruins. As for the start of the hike, let’s meet at 11am at Recco train station: from Recco we’ll hike up to the Caravaggio ridge, where the 2G trail awaits us. The trail owes its name to the 2 gulfs, that can be seen while walking from the Caravaggio ridge down to Ruta. The path is quite panoramic, with the Paradise Gulf on the right, the Tigullio Gulf on the left and the Portofino Park in between. Just before reaching Ruta, there should be a trail leading to San Martino di Noceto and then on to Santa Maria del Campo: there’s not much info about that path, but somehow I’m optimistic that it will be in decent conditions (if not, there’s a backup trail from Ruta).

Hike is rated as T/E, with 500 metres of vertical gain. Hiking time should be 3 hours.

We’ll probably arrive at Santa Maria del Campo around 4:00pm. From there, we can either go to San Michele di Pagana for a swim or head to Camogli by bus, for the evening festival.

You may read more about the hike on:
‚Äď (trails 12+18)

and about the festival on:

Return will be from Rapallo, if you skip the festival, or from Camogli.
Needless to say, if you plan to watch the fireworks and the burning of the statues, you might want to stay until 11pm or midnight.

If you choose to stay overnight, take into account that there’s the “buy 1 and get 1 free” train offer also on Sunday (courtesy of Trenitalia and Mother’s Day)


How to get to Recco, and how to come back alive:

On Saturday, May 12th, let’s meet at 11:07 am at the entrance of Recco railway station

Suggested trains are:

‚Äď if you‚Äôre travelling eastwards

REG 24529: 10:10 Genova Piazza Principe (10:20 Brignole) 10:55 Recco


REG 11367: 10:45 Genova Piazza Principe ‚Äď 11:07 Recco

‚Äď if you‚Äôre travelling westwards

REG 11368 09:50 La Spezia Centrale ‚Äď 10:52 Recco

‚Äď if you‚Äôre travelling southwards

REG 2175 + 2507 + 11367 Milano Centrale 8:30 (8:37 Lambrate 8:44 Rogoredo) 11:07 Recco (yes, it’s 3 trains, since they make you change twice at the two stations of Genova! )


As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (for example, at +39 329 7203364)

From Riomaggiore to Manarola, via Montenero

Tradition has it that, at the end of the year, we have a hike to the lit Xmas crib of Manarola. 2015 was no exception to the rule, we walked along the Riomaggiore-Montenero-Manarola route. The shrine of Montenero provided us with a wonderful lunch spot, from which to observe the Ligurian coast from Punta Mesco to Palmaria; the weather was cloudy, but the clouds occasionally gave way to some enchanting sun spells. The new vineyard path of Costa Corniolo allowed us to walk just above the Nativity scene hill of Manarola (and newcomers Eva and Sarah, who was celebrating her 3rd birthday,seemed to enjoy it). The descent to Manarola was steep and a bit rough on the knees… but we arrived down safely and could fully enjoy the light show with no worries, apart from those menacing signs at the train station (beware Ale of pickpockets! :-D)

Hiking to a lit Xmas crib in 5 Terre

From Acquasanta up to Cappella Baiarda and down to the shrine

Hiking from Acquasanta up to Cappella Baiarda featured plenty of sunshine, memorable group pictures, a mystical tree that filled us all with zen spirit, a few jaw-dropping views and plenty of sheep watching us. As for the way down to the shrine, uhm, could it possibly have been one of 5 deadly hikes in the history of the group? For sure, getting hit by a falling tree was something I didn’t quite expect. But then, after witnessing people getting sucked into a pit of brambles (#4 Rapallo-Montallegro), missing chains (#3 Cala degli Inglesi), slipping on the ice/losing their nails/lowering themselves down in a snow gorge to save a fallen hiking stick (#2: Crocetta Orero-Busalletta) and fleeing a shower of thunderbolts (#1: Mt Rossola, ), I should not be surprised. But all’s well that ends well, and I’m glad that the “recovery rate” is always high! ūüôā

PS: and we could even gain 9 years of indulgence! if we recited a Pater Ave Gloria on each step of the Holy Stairs to the shrine

A mystic hike in Acquasanta