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Saturday, January 16th 2016:

Genova Brignole

First of all, happy 2016!! Shall we kick off the new year with a hike that’s perhaps less impossible than one might think?

Target of the hike is the only big Ligurian Xmas crib that we are yet missing: the one in Pentema. Together with the Manarola Xmas crib, it’s also likely to be the most famous in the region, as a whole village is turned into a gigantic Xmas crib, featuring not just the Nativity scene, but life sized statues that depict life as it used to be at the end of the XIX century.

What makes the hike rather complicated is the geographical location of Pentema, as it’s tucked deep inside the Genovese inland. So deep, that only 12 people are said to still live in Pentema: the oldest one is 94 ys old, while the youngest one is 82. Pentema is so out of reach that the Genovese people occasionally use the phrase “going to Pentema” to indicate something that’s way out of reach.

Despite the not so encouraging premise, I think that this Saturday we may still try to hike to Pentema (and lower the average age in town?)

According to MaurizioWeb website, there are 3 possible trails from Torriglia: while the first one is to be ruled out as it’s super-long, the 2nd and the 3rd look more feasible. The 2nd one actually takes less than 2 hours. So, unless we find unexpected hurdles (like snowy paths or having to dodge the attacking brambles), I think it’s a mission that’s quite… possible.

As for Torriglia, we can comfortably get there by catching the 9:50am bus from Genova Brignole to Torriglia (ticket is 3 euro, you need to get an ATP ticket of “B” type)

You may read more about Pentema and the possible trails on: (in Italian) (in English) (an insight on Pentema) (an insight on trail #3… not sure we’ll have time to do it, we’ll see how it goes!)


How to get to Genova Brignole, and how to come back alive:

Would it be possible to meet at 9.30am at the Genova Brignole station newsstand? I’m not sure, since it also depends on Trenitalia, but if it were possible then we would have plenty of time to buy tickets and head to the bus stop.

Suggested trains are:

if you travel westwards
regional – 07:45 La Spezia Centrale – 09:15 Genova Brignole

if you travel eastwards
regional 2181 – 09:12 Genova Principe – 09:18 Genova Brignole
regional 21141 – 09:27 Genova Principe – 09:33 Genova Brignole

if you travel southwards
regional 2181 (*) – 07:25 Milano Centrale (07:32 Milano Lambrate) – 09:18 Genova Brignole

We’ll get back to Genova Brignole either at 6:15 or 7:25pm. There should still be plenty of regional and IC trains, for us to go back home.

(*) For coming back, remember that you can benefit from the “buy 1 and get 1 free” offer, provided you buy the “2×1” special ticket before midnight (11:59pm) of Friday. The offer is valid on all fast trains on Saturday

As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (for example, at +39 329 7203364)