Hiking in Val Gargassa, with the “EE” variant

On All Saints’ Day, 36 hikers went marching in to Val Gargassa, i.e. the Ligurian canyon. The sunny day, the woods shrouded by a colorful autumn cape and the barren landscape of the canyon made the hike very entertaining. As for the “EE” part, it wasn’t daunting at all! Otherwise, Astrid might have had problems, after travelling all the way from Paris to show us the autumn-winter hiking collection!

As for the hike: after treading the barren trail along the Gargassa river, the Veirera meadow welcomed us with this
bucolic picnic spot; one of highlights of the canyon is the so called “Barcun da Scignua” (lady’s balcony), that was followed by the “EE” path (there was an exposed bit of trail which was secured with chains, but it was nothing to be afraid of). The wonderful lookout point above “Barcun da Scignua” made us feel like we were in Nevada, in front of the more famous Grand Canyon.

An “EE” hike across the Ligurian Canyon

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