A striking hike, from La Spezia (Marola) to Portovenere

Hike or strike? Making our way, from La Spezia to Portovenere

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8 thoughts on “A striking hike, from La Spezia (Marola) to Portovenere

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  2. Great Photos. How long was the hike? I will be in that area in early October and was wondering about some walking. Was originally going to stay somewhere in Cinque Terra but am now thinking about Portovenere. Or, perhaps la Spezia for a few days and do a walk like this and then CT. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Catherine, hike took around 3,5 hours. Spezia is probably better as a base, as it allows you to move around more easily. Besides CT, other beautiful places include Lerici (where many English poets used to live), Tellaro (supposedly one of top 100 most beautiful villages in Italy) and Sarzana (a fortress town, that is also a checkpoint of the S.Francis pilgrimage trail, connecting Canterbury to Rome)

      • Thanks for your reply. I am travelling on my own. Would it be easy to do that walk alone? Are maps available? Thanks for the suggestion of other villages. I will have a look at these. Is it easy to do walks from these other villages? Catherine

      • The walk is easy, as long as you wear shoes with a good grip and you don’t suffer from vertigo. Even if you suffer from vertigo, be assured that there’s quite a good bit between you and the cliffs. Actually, at the start of the Campiglia-Portovenere trail you’ll find a sign that reads “difficile” (difficult): they usually post them to warn people to be cautious. In truth, there’s nothing difficult to worry about. And you’ll likely find some hikers to walk with.
        As for the maps, I’m sure the tourist info point of La Spezia will have plenty of them for you.
        To the east of La Spezia, there’s one trail running along the coast, from Lerici to Tellaro, and one (called AVGS – alta via del golfo di La Spezia) running on the ridge and giving you views over the sea and the islands of Palmaria/Tino/Tinetto. We did a part of it exactly one year ago.

      • Ok, and if you would like to join a group hike just give us a shout when you come to La Spezia (esp.if that falls on a weekend). For now, enjoy the research!

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