From Riomaggiore to Manarola, via Montenero

Tradition has it that, at the end of the year, we have a hike to the lit Xmas crib of Manarola. 2015 was no exception to the rule, we walked along the Riomaggiore-Montenero-Manarola route. The shrine of Montenero provided us with a wonderful lunch spot, from which to observe the Ligurian coast from Punta Mesco to Palmaria; the weather was cloudy, but the clouds occasionally gave way to some enchanting sun spells. The new vineyard path of Costa Corniolo allowed us to walk just above the Nativity scene hill of Manarola (and newcomers Eva and Sarah, who was celebrating her 3rd birthday,seemed to enjoy it). The descent to Manarola was steep and a bit rough on the knees… but we arrived down safely and could fully enjoy the light show with no worries, apart from those menacing signs at the train station (beware Ale of pickpockets! :-D)

Hiking to a lit Xmas crib in 5 Terre

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