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Saturday, 6th October 2018


To hike or not to hike? This weekend we have a rather tricky hamlet-like question, as it’s not certain yet what the weather will be like. According to the latest forecast (by 3bmeteo, ilmeteo, meteoam,meteoliguria and meteocentrale), the weather should range from cloudy with some drizzle to cloudy with sun spells. Not too hideous! So I would gamble in favour of hiking, moreover as on Saturday the last of big yearly festivals takes
place in Bonassola: for those who never witnessed it, the Madonna del Rosario festival ( ) is a visual treat, since it involves candles on the sea and a firework show, and usually is not so crowded, so it should be possible to comfortably watch it from the beach.

The idea for the hike is to walk from Moneglia to Deiva Marina, since we haven’t been there for ages.

We’ll follow the classic blue trail, that’s also described on:

but, since we like to discover new things, we’ll add a variant that
we never tried. We can choose between two possible bonus hikes:
– the trail of the cork trees (+30 minutes, see )
– the trail to the ancient town of Mezzema, that existed since Charlemagne and has a rich history with some fun facts
(+90 minutes, see last link on and

Total hiking time is approx 2,5 hours + bonus hike time , vertical gain
is around 400 metres, trail is rated as T/E (easy/medium)

By 4 or 5pm we’ll likely be in Deiva Marina, where we could possibly have a swim before getting back home or heading on to Bonassola for the evening festival ( and )


** How to get to Moneglia, and how to come back alive: **

On Saturday, 6th October, let’s meet at 11:05 at the entrance of
Moneglia railway station. Before hiking, we might also be able to visit the Villafranca castle, as it’s near the beginning of the trail and appears to be open to the public (;jsessionid=9C51760553F4EAC2055B0586DE41FA19.node3?contentId=27458&localita=2122&area=210 )

Suggested trains are:

If you are travelling eastwards:

REG 2181 09:11 Genova Piazza Principe (09:20 Genova Brignole) 10:28 Sestri Levante
REG 24459 10:41 Sestri Levante – Moneglia 10:50

If you are travelling westwards:

REG 24452 – 10:15 La Spezia 11:05 Moneglia

If you are travelling southwards:

REG 2181 07:25 Milano Centrale (07:32 Lambrate 07:38 Rogoredo) 10:28
Sestri Levante
REG 24459 10:41 Sestri Levante – Moneglia 10:50

Or you can catch the 8:10 IC train from Milano Centrale to Sestri
Levante, with a 2×1 ticket (*)


(*) For those who are catching IC or Freccia trains:

If you have a travel buddy, you should buy the “2×1” special ticket
before midnight (11:59pm) of Thursday. It’s a buy 1 and get 1 free
offer, so you’ll basically pay half price.

(**) For those who happen to be over 60 or under 30:

You can have half price even without a travel buddy. Remember that you need to have a Cartafreccia card in order to use the junior/senior special offer (in the unlikely case that you don’t have a Cartafreccia card yet, let me know and I can send you an invitation… in which case we’ll both get a 10 euro coupon:-) ). Also, ticket should be booked before 11:59 of Friday.

As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel
free to text/call me at +39 329 7203364