Lake Tina, a classic reloaded

Saturday, October 28

Hi all!

Why don’t we take advantage of these sunny days to go hiking before the wintertime shift? 🙂

The idea is to do a classic hike, treading the trails in the inland of Arenzano up to Lake Tina, along a valley full of waterfalls and nice views over the sea.

This hike is rated as easy-medium, you can see route details here:

Meeting point: Arenzano train station at 10:40

Trains from Genova:

R24562 Genova Brignole (9:55), Genova Piazza Principe (10:03)

(arriving to Arenzano at 10:39)

Trains from Milano:

IC 35833 Milano Centrale (8:10) -> R24562 Genova Piazza Principe (10:03) (arriving to Arenzano at 10:39)

Return will be from Arenzano as well, so you might want to purchase a return ticked in advance to avoid any hassle.

From S.Margherita to Punta del Giasso

Sunday, 15th October

S.Margherita Ligure

It may be October, but it (almost) feels like summer: given that the forecast predicts sunshine and the sea temperature is estimated to be 21 degrees, shall we have one more hike&swim along the coast, before returning to the inland next time?

The idea is to explore Portofino Park and walk to the only bay that we’ve never seen: Punta del Giasso. In order to get there, we’ll hike from S.Margherita Ligure to Olmi, as described on it’s relaxing, panoramic and yet offers a lot of variety, from olive groves to pine trees and chestnuts woods. If we have enough time, we’ll take the upper part of the trail (via Monte Croce and Crocetta: I believe we’ve never tried it), otherwise (if there are train delays or other problems) we’ll take the classical lower path.

Once we’re in Olmi, we can make our way to Punta del Giasso: if the hiking party feels like it, by following the indications on we’ll take the detour to Cappelletta and down to the Giasso headland. One word of warning: the detour is labelled as “EE” (i.e. for “expert excursionists”). While it should be nothing dramatic (the first half is even considered as medium), some extra care needs to be taken in the last part of the trail. Needless to say, since this is a detour, we can also happily skip Punta del Giasso and walk along the main path.

Overall, hike takes around 3,5 hours (bonus hike included), has 400 mt of vertical gain and is rated as T/E (easy/medium), except for the bonus hike (which is EE)

Assuming that we don’t swim at Punta del Giasso, we could have a dive in the turquoise bay of Paraggi (which will probably be empty, at this time of the year) before heading back home.

Return will be from S.Margherita Ligure, around 6pm (we can also get there by catching a bus from Paraggi)


How to get to S.Margherita Ligure, and how to come back alive:

On Sunday, 15th October, let’s meet at 11:04 am at the entrance of S.Margherita Ligure/Portofino railway station (by the infamous taxi telephone).

Suggested trains are

– if you travel eastwards

REG 24529: Genova Piazza Principe 10:10 (Genova Brignole 10:20) S.Margherita Ligure 11:04

– if you travel westwards

REG 11368: La Spezia Centrale 09:50 – S. Margherita Ligure 10:45

– if you travel southwards:

IC 35833: Milano Centrale 08:10 – S. Margherita Ligure 10:14 (*)

(*) For those who are catching IC trains:

If you have 2 travel buddies, there’s the Special 3×2 offer, provided you buy the ticket before 23:59 of Friday.
Also, if you’re younger than 26 (i.e. if you’re at most 25 year + 364 days old) or older than 60, you should be eligible to a 30% discount, if you catch the IC train and registered to the (free) Cartafreccia program. In case you haven’t registered yet, send me a message and I can send you an invitation (of course, you can also register on your own… but an invitation would grant us both a 10 euro voucher

As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (+39 329 7203364)