Lake Tina, a classic reloaded

Saturday, October 28

Hi all!

Why don’t we take advantage of these sunny days to go hiking before the wintertime shift? 🙂

The idea is to do a classic hike, treading the trails in the inland of Arenzano up to Lake Tina, along a valley full of waterfalls and nice views over the sea.

This hike is rated as easy-medium, you can see route details here:

Meeting point: Arenzano train station at 10:40

Trains from Genova:

R24562 Genova Brignole (9:55), Genova Piazza Principe (10:03)

(arriving to Arenzano at 10:39)

Trains from Milano:

IC 35833 Milano Centrale (8:10) -> R24562 Genova Piazza Principe (10:03) (arriving to Arenzano at 10:39)

Return will be from Arenzano as well, so you might want to purchase a return ticked in advance to avoid any hassle.


Next hike – A world premiere: Camogli to S.Fruttuoso via Passo del Bacio

Sunday 17, September

Hi all!

Sunday is expected to be sunny in Liguria, so why not resume our hikes? 🙂

The path that leads from San Rocco to San Fruttuoso passing through the scenic Passo del Bacio is by far the most spectacular among all of Portofino trails!

Yet, we’ve never taken the group along this beautiful route since some stretches are rated as “for expert hikers”, having slightly exposed passages. Don’t worry, though, because there are chains to hold on to! Many of which being totally unnecessary.

This is THE trail suggested in The Rough Guide to Italy, so why keep on depriving ourselves of such an amazing path?

Only those who are truly scared of heights might want to skip this hike. And please, do not show up wearing flip flops, because this time it might turn out to be a very bad call…

Here is the route: (only the first 7 km)

Meeting point will be in front of Camogli train station, at 11:00.To go back to Camogli we will have several options to pick from, including a boat ride, highly recommended to those who still haven’t enjoyed this experience.

Here are the trains to get there:

IC 35833 Milano Centrale 8:10 > Genova Brignole 9:44

R 24529 Genova Brignole 10:20 > Camogli-S.Fruttuoso 10:59

Return will be from Camogli as well, so you might want to purchase your return ticket in advance and avoid any hassle.

From Sestri Levante to Punta Manara, like the first time…


Saturday, September 2

Hi all!

Back in September 2010, a small group of people got together to do what would become the very first hike of this hiking group! (Incidentally, the cover picture of this event was actually shot on that hike!)

Back then, we trod the path from Sestri Levante to Punta Manara, which on clear days offers one of the best views over the surrounding coast, including the Baia del Silenzio. So, why not hike there again? 🙂

Once at Punta Manara, we will head to the little hamlet of Ginestra and then back to Sestri, following a path which winds down along the other side of the headland, through a completely different vegetation.

This hike is rated as Easy, and won’t take to long to complete.

You can have a look at the route (we won’t go down to Ciappa del lupo, since it is considered a descent for Expert Hikers) here:

Meeting point for Saturday, September 2, is Sestri Levante train station (outside, just in front of the station entrance) at 10:30

Here are the trains to get to Sestri Levante:

From Milano and Genova:

Regionale R 2181

Milano Centrale 7:25
Genova Piazza Principe 9:11
Genova Brignole 9:20
Sestri Levante 10:28

Unfortunately, IC trains from Milano are already sold out 😦

As usual, let’s meet on the first car of the train (if there are free seats!)

Return will be from Sestri Levante as well, so you may want to buy the return ticket in advance in order to avoid any hassle.

next hike

Sunday, 28th May 2017:


It may not be as appealing as the secret fried fish festival of Santa Margherita Ligure (rumours have it that this will be held on the last Saturday of July), nevertheless the focaccia festival in Recco still holds its charm, as it allows visiting hikers to eat two types of focaccia in one day, as well as catch two gulfs with one hike.

First of all there’s the focaccia: free portions of plain and onion focaccia will be distributed in the morning, before leaving space for the more famous and cheese-filled focaccia di Recco, which will be served throughout the afternoon, starting from 2:30pm.

The idea then is to grab some focaccia in the morning, hike up to the Caravaggio ridge, where the 2G trail awaits us. The trail owes its name to the 2 gulfs, that can be seen while walking from the Caravaggio ridge down to Ruta. The path is quite panoramic, with the Paradise Gulf on the right, the Tigullio Gulf on the left and the Portofino Park in between, and offers plenty of inviting meadows; however, because of that, some sunscreen is recommended! (moreover as we’ll likely have our lunch break by one of these meadows)

Just before reaching Ruta, there should be a trail taking us straight back to Recco: there’s not much info about that path, but somehow I’m optimistic that it will be in good conditions.

Hike is rated as T/E, with 500 metres of vertical gain. Hiking time should be less than 3 hours.

We’ll probably return to Recco around 4:00pm, just in time for some focaccia di Recco and possibly a swim in the sea.

You may read more about the hike on: (trails 12 and 18)

and about the festival on:


How to get to Recco, and how to come back alive:

On Sunday, May 28th, let’s meet at 10:52 am at the entrance of Recco railway station.

Suggested trains are:

– if you’re travelling eastwards

REG 1731: 10:24 Genova Piazza Principe (10:32 Genova Brignole) 10:51 Recco (potentially crowded)


REG 24499: 10:05 Genova Brignole – 10:40 Recco (it will be more empty)

– if you’re travelling westwards

REG 11368: 09:50 La Spezia Centrale – 10:52 Recco

– if you’re travelling southwards

08:26 Milano Lambrate (08:44 Milano Rogoredo) 10:51 Recco (please note: it also stops at Greco Pirelli, but not at Centrale!)

Return will, again, be from Recco train station.


As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (for example, at +39 329 7203364)

Hiking in Val Gargassa, with the “EE” variant

On All Saints’ Day, 36 hikers went marching in to Val Gargassa, i.e. the Ligurian canyon. The sunny day, the woods shrouded by a colorful autumn cape and the barren landscape of the canyon made the hike very entertaining. As for the “EE” part, it wasn’t daunting at all! Otherwise, Astrid might have had problems, after travelling all the way from Paris to show us the autumn-winter hiking collection!

As for the hike: after treading the barren trail along the Gargassa river, the Veirera meadow welcomed us with this
bucolic picnic spot; one of highlights of the canyon is the so called “Barcun da Scignua” (lady’s balcony), that was followed by the “EE” path (there was an exposed bit of trail which was secured with chains, but it was nothing to be afraid of). The wonderful lookout point above “Barcun da Scignua” made us feel like we were in Nevada, in front of the more famous Grand Canyon.

An “EE” hike across the Ligurian Canyon

From Arenzano to lake Tina

Sunday April 9, 2017



Tradition has it that, when it comes to organizing a hike in the Riviera di Ponente (western Riviera), I take the lead from Andy 🙂

This time we will venture into the inland of Arenzano, up to Lake Tina, threading trails in a mountain-like landascape, along a valley full of waterfalls and nice views over the sea.

This hike is rated as easy-medium, you can see route details here:

Meeting point: Arenzano train station at 11:00

Trains from Genova:
R11236 Genova Brignole (10:05), Genova Piazza Principe (10:13)
(arriving to Arenzano at 10:54)

Trains from Milano
IC 1533 Milano Centrale (8:10) -> R11236 Genova Piazza Principe (10:13) (arriving to Arenzano at 10:54)

Return will be from Arenzano as well, so you can get a return ticked in advance.