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Sunday, July 26th:


Poseidon may be angry and Helios might, again, bring too much sunshine.. and yet, despite the rough sea and high temperature, I believe the Portofino Park and the beach of S.Michele di Pagana might allow us to have a pleasant hike&swim.

The idea is to follow a trail across Portofino Park, from Camogli to San Lorenzo della Costa, via Gaixella, followed by the path from San Lorenzo to San Michele, via Banchi. First part of the hike should be refreshing, as we’ll be inside the woods (and can count on a couple of water fountains along the way). Second part of the hike should be short and will allow us to enjoy a fine view of the Portofino headland (from Banchi) as well as some Flemish paintings, inside the churches of S.Lorenzo and S.Michele.

Hike is rated as T/E, with 400 metres of elevation gain, and takes around 3 hours. It’s likely that we’ll reach San Michele di Pagana around 4/5pm.

You may read more about the trails on: (in scary English) (in Italian)


How to get to Camogli, and how to come back alive:

Let’s meet at 11:00 am, at the entrance of Camogli train station. More precisely, we could meet under the “Madonna with Child” relief that’s on the wall opposite the train station entrance.

If you travel eastwards, we recommend:

Regionale 34023

10:05 Genova Principe (10:14 Genova Brignole) 10:47 Camogli-S. Fruttuoso

If you travel westwards:

Regionale 2296

09:50 La Spezia Centrale – 10:59 Camogli-S. Fruttuoso

If you travel southwards:

Regionale 1731

08:28 Milano Lambrate-10:55 Camogli-S. Fruttuoso

Return will be from S.Margherita Ligure or (if you prefer) Rapallo, somewhere around 6pm.


As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (for example, at +39 329 7203364)