About Liguriah

Hi! This blog (Liguriah… i.e. Liguria hikes) tries to show a history of the hikes that, more or less regularly, get posted on:

They are, of course, free. If you have a hiking soul and find yourself in Liguria (be it in Genova, Cinque Terre, Imperia, La Spezia, Sarzana or Savona), you’re very much welcome to join us, be it for a day or for the whole life! (and future incarnations)

Breaking news! We’re also on Telegram now, so you can receive the latest hikes and pictures by joining the channel called @liguriah ( https://t.me/liguriah )

PS: Have any questions? Doubts? Hamlet-like dilemmas? Fill in the form below and we’ll see if we can answer you! (if you would like to, you’re welcome to request/suggest a hike)


If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the feeds via https://liguriah.wordpress.com/feed/

3 thoughts on “About Liguriah

    • At the moment, there aren’t any hikes scheduled till the end of October, but you can always try joining the FB group above and ask if anyone is up to hiking.
      Have a great stay in Camogli! It seems like, weatherwise, you found quite a nice week to come.

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