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Sunday, October 19th:



Luca speaks:
Hi all!

What about exploring the other side of Liguria? Tradition has it that I take the lead from Andy when it comes to organizing a hike in the western Riviera! Anyway, Andy will be still in charge of the group pictures and his unmistakable hike chronicle! :-)

We will discover the beautiful inland of Arenzano, which those of you who joined the hikes to Lake Tina and Passo della Gava have already enjoyed, very much different from most of eastern side of Liguria, sometimes resembling to a mountain landscape.

This time we will go higher, up to Passo Tardia, 870 m (brave ones may want to reach also the 928 meters of Monte Tardia, we will see along the way). Then, we will descent to Crevari and eventually to Genova Voltri, enjoying a little stretch overlooking the shore.

Estimated duration is 6 hours, elevation gain 850 m.

Meeting point will be Arenzano train station.

Train to catch:

Treno Regionale R 11264

Genova Brignole 10:08
Genova Piazza Principe 10:16
Arenzano 10:47

Return will be from Genova Voltri (you can use the AMT ticket from there!)

And remember to bring food and water with you!

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