Next hike – A world premiere: Camogli to S.Fruttuoso via Passo del Bacio

Sunday 17, September

Hi all!

Sunday is expected to be sunny in Liguria, so why not resume our hikes? 🙂

The path that leads from San Rocco to San Fruttuoso passing through the scenic Passo del Bacio is by far the most spectacular among all of Portofino trails!

Yet, we’ve never taken the group along this beautiful route since some stretches are rated as “for expert hikers”, having slightly exposed passages. Don’t worry, though, because there are chains to hold on to! Many of which being totally unnecessary.

This is THE trail suggested in The Rough Guide to Italy, so why keep on depriving ourselves of such an amazing path?

Only those who are truly scared of heights might want to skip this hike. And please, do not show up wearing flip flops, because this time it might turn out to be a very bad call…

Here is the route: (only the first 7 km)

Meeting point will be in front of Camogli train station, at 11:00.To go back to Camogli we will have several options to pick from, including a boat ride, highly recommended to those who still haven’t enjoyed this experience.

Here are the trains to get there:

IC 35833 Milano Centrale 8:10 > Genova Brignole 9:44

R 24529 Genova Brignole 10:20 > Camogli-S.Fruttuoso 10:59

Return will be from Camogli as well, so you might want to purchase your return ticket in advance and avoid any hassle.