Lake Tina, a classic reloaded

Saturday, October 28

Hi all!

Why don’t we take advantage of these sunny days to go hiking before the wintertime shift? 🙂

The idea is to do a classic hike, treading the trails in the inland of Arenzano up to Lake Tina, along a valley full of waterfalls and nice views over the sea.

This hike is rated as easy-medium, you can see route details here:

Meeting point: Arenzano train station at 10:40

Trains from Genova:

R24562 Genova Brignole (9:55), Genova Piazza Principe (10:03)

(arriving to Arenzano at 10:39)

Trains from Milano:

IC 35833 Milano Centrale (8:10) -> R24562 Genova Piazza Principe (10:03) (arriving to Arenzano at 10:39)

Return will be from Arenzano as well, so you might want to purchase a return ticked in advance to avoid any hassle.