From Arenzano to lake Tina

Sunday April 9, 2017



Tradition has it that, when it comes to organizing a hike in the Riviera di Ponente (western Riviera), I take the lead from Andy 🙂

This time we will venture into the inland of Arenzano, up to Lake Tina, threading trails in a mountain-like landascape, along a valley full of waterfalls and nice views over the sea.

This hike is rated as easy-medium, you can see route details here:

Meeting point: Arenzano train station at 11:00

Trains from Genova:
R11236 Genova Brignole (10:05), Genova Piazza Principe (10:13)
(arriving to Arenzano at 10:54)

Trains from Milano
IC 1533 Milano Centrale (8:10) -> R11236 Genova Piazza Principe (10:13) (arriving to Arenzano at 10:54)

Return will be from Arenzano as well, so you can get a return ticked in advance.