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Sunday, 1st September 2019

Deiva Marina

The summer vacations may be gone for many of us but, before leaving them behind, we can partly defeat the post-holiday blues by having a relaxing hike&swim along the trails of Mt Serro. Who’s up for hiking from Deiva Marina to Framura?

The woods of Mt Serro (i.e. the area between Deiva Marina and Framura) have the nice feature of offering trails of all kinds: it’s possible to wander through intricate forests, looking for traces of old civilization and mystic ponds with yellow flowers, and at the same time it’s possible to have a relaxing walk with plenty of lookout points, as well as a botanical garden.

Either way, the idea is to start off at Deiva Marina station at 11am. If it’s sunny, let’s walk along the classic azure-blue trail that connects Deiva Marina to Framura and have lunch break by the lookout point of Punta Apicchi. Hike takes around 2,5 hours, has 350 mt of vertical gain and is rated as T/E (easy/medium). This will allow us to have more swimming time at Porto Pidocchio. Should the weather be more cloudy than sunny, we can always extend the hike by taking the never treaded loop trail of Acqua Fredda and Cava Serin.

Will the sea be warm enough to have a swim? Definitely, so be sure to bring goggles, swimming suit and sunscreen!

You may read more about the hike on:
(hike #3.. we can actually make it shorter by taking the trail to Serra di Framura, instead of Costa)

Return will be from Framura, around 5pm.


How to get to Deiva Marina, and how to come back alive:

On Sunday, September 1st, let’s meet at 11:00 am at the entrance of Deiva Marina railway station

Suggested trains are:

– if you’re travelling eastwards

REG 2181 + REG 24459
09:14 Genova Piazza Principe (9:23 Genova Brignole) 10:54 Deiva Marina (formally, it’s 2 trains, but it will likely be the same one, changing number at Sestri)

[if you fear becoming a sardine, take REG 11229 08:48 Genova Brignole – 10:13 Sestri Levante instead of REG 2181: it will be much emptier!]

– if you’re travelling westwards

REG 1612 – 10:03 La Spezia Centrale – 10:49 Deiva Marina


REG 24452 – 10:15 La Spezia Centrale – 10:59 Deiva Marina

– if you’re travelling southwards

REG 2181 + REG 24459 – 07:25 Milano Centrale (07:32 Milano Lambrate) – 10:54 Deiva Marina (formally, it’s 2 trains, but it will likely be the same one, changing number at Sestri)


Given that Deiva Marina is served by slow trains only, I don’t know if it makes sense to use those IC train offers. Nevertheless, should you happen to come by IC train, there’s 30% off if you’re younger than 30, older than 60 or travelling with a buddy (for that, you need to book your ticket before midnight of Friday and select the “Cartafreccia young”, “cartafreccia senior”, “Insieme” fare)

As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to write me (at vidlothianATgmailDOTcom) or call me (at +39 329 7203364)

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