next hike (2/2)

Sunday, 5th August 2018


Wrapping up season #8 of the Ligurian hikes is the Stella Maris, the event that sees countless candles being placed on the sea, as a token of gratitude to the Star of the Sea, i.e. the Madonna that protects fishermen when they sail out of Camogli.
Since most of the festival takes place in the evening, I suggest meeting in the afternoon, at 3pm at Camogli station. From there, we’ll take the classic loop that leads to Punta Chiappa and the altar of the Stella Maris.
Hike takes around 2,5 hours (1,5 hours for going, 1 for coming back), it’s T/E (easy-medium) for going and T (easy) for coming back and is well described on: (the way back; for going, we’ll walk via Guardia, as it’s visually more rewarding)

You may read more about the festival on:

Unlike Saturday, you won’t need to bring much water, as there’s plenty of water taps along the way.

How to get to Camogli, and how to come back alive:

On Sunday, 5th August, let’s meet at 15:00 opposite the entrance of Camogli railway station (under the relief of the Madonna with Child)

Suggested trains are:

If you are travelling eastwards:

REG 25731 14:10 Genova Piazza Principe
(14:19 Genova Brignole)
14:56 Camogli-S. Fruttuoso

If you are travelling westwards:

Reg 25714 + Reg 25716 La Spezia 13:38 – Camogli-S. Fruttuoso 14:59


(*) For those who are catching IC or Freccia trains:

If you have a travel buddy, you can have 30% off by buying the “Insieme” special ticket before midnight (11:59pm) of Friday.

(*) For those who happen to be over 60 or under 30:

You can have half price even without a travel buddy. Remember that you need to have a Cartafreccia card in order to use the junior/senior special offer (in the unlikely case that you don’t have a Cartafreccia card yet, please use AMICO110423712 as referral code when signing up… and we’ll both get a 10 euro coupon:-) ). Also, ticket should be booked before 11:59 of Saturday.

As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (+39 329 7203364)


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