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Sunday, November 1st, 2015:


There is a valley in Liguria, where a river forms little lakes and waterfalls and runs across a canyon with pinnacles and boulders of conglomerate rock towering over it: it’s the Val Gargassa, some of you might remember visiting it two years ago. The valley is said to offer three enchanting trails: on All Saints’, shall we go marching in… to the Ligurian canyon?

Just like last time, the big dilemma will be which of 3 trails to sacrifice.

#1 (circle+rhombus) is the longest one and runs along the southern ridge of the canyon; with 250 metres of vertical gain, it’s very panoramic, takes 2 hours and is rated as T/E (easy/medium)

Trail #2 (2 crosses) is perhaps the most surprising one, as it runs along the river. Even though it has barely 100 metres of vertical gain and it takes less than 1,5 hours, it’s rated as E (medium), as extra care is required in two spots, where you need to cross the Gargassa river.

Trail #3 (3 dots) runs along the northern ridge of the canyon; it’s also very panoramic, takes 90 minutes and it’s rated as E/EE (medium/hard, because of a couple of exposed sections, that are secured with chains)

Since last time we tried #2+#1, I would probably suggest #2 and #3 this time: I’ve been told that the EE part of trail #3 is nothing to be scared of, provided you don’t suffer from vertigo.

You may read more about the trails on: (in Italian, it describes #1 and #2) (in Italian, it describes #2 and #3) (in English, again it just describes #2 and #3) (in Italian, it describes #1 and #3 and another bonus hike)


How to get to Rossiglione, and how to come back alive:

Let’s meet at the entrance of Rossiglione train station at 11:25 (or on the front coach of the “regionale 6182” train from Genova Brignole)

Suggested trains are (on Sunday, November 1st):

* for those travelling from Genova *

Regionale 6182
Genova Brignole 10:32 (Genova Piazza Principe 10:39) Rossiglione 11:25

* for those travelling westwards *

FB 9760 (**)
La Spezia Centrale 09:10 Genova Brignole 10:01

followed by Regionale 6182
Genova Brignole 10:32 Rossiglione 11:25

* for those travelling southwards *

IC 1533 (**)
Milano Centrale 08:10 Genova Piazza Principe 09:44

followed by Regionale 6182
Genova Piazza Principe 10:39 Rossiglione 11:25

(from Milano, there’s also Regionale Veloce 2181
Milano Centrale 07:25 Milano Lambrate 07:32 Genova Piazza Principe 09:14)

Return will be from Rossiglione (probably after 6pm, as the 4:30pm train would require quite a fast hiking pace)

Ah, please bring food and enough water with you (as there are no water taps along the trail, plus it would be better to start hiking right away, at 11:30. In case trail #3 turns out to be more complicated than expected, we can always go back and take trail #1)


(**) For those who are catching IC or FB trains:

If you’re younger than 26 (i.e. if you’re at most 25 year + 364 days old) or older than 60, you should be eligible to have discounts as high as 50%, if you registered to the (free) Cartafreccia program. In case you haven’t registered yet, send me a message and I can send you an invitation (of course, you can also register on your own… but an invitation would grant us both a 10 euro voucher 🙂 )
In order to get the discount, remember to buy the ticket before 23:59 of Saturday.


As usual, if you have doubts, questions, Hamlet-like dilemmas… feel free to text me! (+39 329 7203364)


2 thoughts on “next hike

  1. Hello: I was searching for route information (ideally GPS track) to hike the length of Liguria from Bonossola (or Levanto) to Portovener over 3 days this weekend and accidentally discovered your blog. Would you have any recommendation on what (scenic) route to take so that each section is no more than 8hrs (~30 km ?) of walking and where to stay (which village ?) each night to avoid the most crowded sites ?
    Also, can one count on being able to find a basic hotel room on the spot or I should book a place in advance even for this time of year (I have done long distance trekking in the Alps and have always found a hut or a hotel room at the end of the day’s hike.)

    Thanks much for any information you can provide.
    P.S. the only trail map I have been able to find is a Kompass 1:50,000. Would the tourist offices along the route have more detailed maps by any chance ?)

  2. P.S. Follow up to my last comment & questions CT route information; could I get the “invitation” for the Railroad discount card as well ? Thanks !

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