Next hike – Magic views over the Ligurian sea: mount Reixa

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hi all!

After so many days of rain, we will finally enjoy a sunny Saturday!
So, what about reaching the summit of mount Reixa (pronounced “Reisha”) from which you can enjoy one of the most spectacular view of Genova and the entire Ligurian gulf?

The path is quite easy, but the elevation gain is 1100 metres, slightly demanding, but feasible. Anyway the view from up there (1183 m) will repay all the effort! 🙂

Estimated duration of the hike is 6 hours.

Watch out: due to the possible wind, perceived temperature along the path might be low, so bring with you also warm items of clothing, including gloves and a hat.

Remember also to bring food and water with you.

Meeting point: Arenzano train station, 10:30 a.m.

Train from Genova: R 24546, stops:

Genova Brignole 9:45
Genova Principe 9:53
Sampierdarena 10:00
Genova Pegli 10:12
Arenzano 10:26

PS I will get on the train in Sampierdarena. As usual, try to find a place in the front car of the train.


One thought on “Next hike – Magic views over the Ligurian sea: mount Reixa

  1. HI:)

    Because of technical problem on CS website I decided to reply here 🙂 I love hiking! But unfortunately i have all equipment in my hometown – Lodz. Now I live and work in Warsaw… But I will try to borrow from my friends and collect all important things… I also have to plan all my 5 days in Italy, I haven’t got couch for all nights jet, it’s hard because of rebuilding CS service… So i will let you know if i’m in during next few days 🙂 Thank you for your invitation!

    Joanna Kubielska

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